B-Series Girl- Wallpaper


B-Series Girl 1×10- Tatada Taaa… tatadaaah!

*Admit it… you were also doing it… -Raiders of the Lost Ark on Spotify

B-Series Girl 1×08- New Year’s Eve

B-Series Girl 1×07- VHS

B-Series Girl 1×06- Wellcome Back, Sixpack!

*Song on the phone: I Wanna Marry a Lighthouse Keeper, from A Clockwork Orange B.S.O. Listen it on SPOTIFY (Shorty Long version)

B-Series Girl 1×05- Jooniper gifts

*Jooniper Gifts: “Amparito de los Regalos” in spanish version. See on Facebook “Amparito de los Regalos-Jooniper gifts”

B-Series Girl 1×04- It´s gonna be hilarious…

*April’s fools in Spain takes place in the 28th of  December and it’s called “Dia de los inocentes”. The paper man in the back is used to as a joke, pointing the victim as an “inocente” (Innocent).

B-Series Girl 1×03- Snowball

B-Series Girl 1×02- Bad Taste

B-Series Girl 1×01

*Song: “Maligno” by Baby Horror. You can listen to it at SPOTIFY.

Welcome to “B-Series Girl”, a comic strip (a bio of myself at some point… but not literally!) that narrates the life of a comic artist. It was published online in Spain since December 2007 to October 2011, which is being continued in the printed version and available to download.

Even though we like to think that the sense of humour and gags are universal things, we’ll be posting translation notes in most of our strips to make them more accessible to you (April’s fools in Spain is celebrated in the 28th of December… and Burgos! The hometown of our hero)

We hope you enjoy the story and that you stay around for the 6 seasons!